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Verena knows that it will blend

Verena unsubscribes from your mailing list – Verena posts a comment on your blog – Verena updated your computer on patch tuesday – Verena votes ‚hot‘ on your photo – Verena thinks that Star Wars Kid was pretty cool – Verena consumes your RSS feed – Verena is Batman – Verena predicts Apple will release a tablet at their next event – Verena is a snowclone – Verena challenged you to a movie quiz – Verena awaits the coming zombie apocalypse – Verena accepted your friend request – Verena is sick of Ron Paul spam – Verena knows every fact about Chuck Norris – Verena beats both pirates and ninjas in a fight – Verena drops mentos into Diet Coke – Verena googles your inner thoughts – …

So sieht’s nämlich aus, Leute!!

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  1. 8 sagt:

    Verena does not want.. jaja

Und? Sag was!